About Us

Beginning in 2012, we started out with a simple goal of helping customers buy and sell with ease via our online auction system. Since our first year, our consignor product volume has grown nearly ten times larger! Our incredible growth is a direct result of the trust our customers place in us.

In 2016 FR Liquidation & Auctions LLC set out to improve and expand our services by creating our own website www.AuctionSpear.com with the latest state of the art online auction software. By establishing a business opportunity program, Independent Affiliates can establish their own online auction business with our extensive broad-based training & support staff including 2 licensed auctioneers, a dual Certified Appraiser and a Six Sigma process expert. Our team of affiliates provide liquidation services for businesses, estates, and consignments of nearly all types. They have been thoroughly trained and supported with every aspect of the online auction process.

When you contact us to sell online our Independent Associates are all criminal background checked to ensure your safety. backed by the best in the business with two licensed auctioneers, a six Sigma process expert and a dual certified appraiser! With our internet based online auction system, we reach literally thousands of prospective Buyers. It provides exposure for every imaginable business, estate, inventory or consignment asset and connects with buyers all over the United States. The cost is nearly 20% less than traditional bid call auctions and estate tag sales with improved results and is far safer and more secure. Our associates have the experience & knowledge to sell machinery, tools, industrial equipment, antiques, furniture, automobiles, silver & gold coins, jewelry, electronics, firearms, appliances and much more. Our Independent associate teams have liquidated entire businesses, estates & general consignments of all types, Including the Hilton Garden Inn, United way of Tarrant county, Quality Rail & Steel, General truck sales, Wounded Heroes of Texas, Elite appliance, Say it with signs and more.We base our business on common sense core beliefs of God, Family, Country and an unwavering level of integrity.

Our Mission Statement

Our work is guided by our commitment to God, Freedom and continuous improvement in all we do.
To Honor God, by Honoring people with respect and Integrity, to encourage, support and help prosper our society through a consistent successful business model.

To Liquidate assets or for more information visit our corporate website at www.FRLauctions.com

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